4th of July Weekend

4th of July Weekend

Time really flies, so before this month gets away from me, I wanted to share some of the things we experienced over the 4th of July weekend. Every area offers its unique things to do for the holiday weekend and Sarasota definitely delivers when it comes to choices. This year, we enjoyed two different venues to watch the fireworks and we threw in a family kayak tour as well.

Saturday morning, July 3rd, we met up at Turtle Beach with our tour guide Brian from Ride and Paddle. Brian took us out on the water and showed us the basics on how to maneuver our two double seated kayaks. He even had us do some challenging moves like going underneath low boat docks where we had to pull our oars in and lower our heads as well as kayaking backwards through two narrow poles. All of this lent to a challenging and amazing tour. During our tour we saw beautiful wild life, traversed through thick mangroves; some of which were in low tide. When paddling during low tide, your oars are of no use. You have to use your hands to pull you through the water; it’s a great upper body workout!

Additional highlights: kayaking into one of the old shark tanks from when Mote Marine existed on Siesta Key and stopping on a small island that can only be accessed by boat located in Midnight Pass. We really enjoyed this 2.5 hour tour and highly recommend Ride and Paddle and our tour guide Brian; his knowledge of the area was impressive!


That evening we attended the fireworks at Nathan Benderson Park (NBP). My take away at the end of the night was love for family, country, and gratitude. Not only were the fireworks spectacular but as I looked around, I saw families truly enjoying each other, children running back and forth on the lawn giggling, and everyone was smiling. It was a beautiful sight to see. The evening ended with a great performance by The Black Honkeys. Wow did they have everyone up and dancing. If you haven’t seen the fireworks at NBP, I suggest checking them out!

On the 4th of July, we packed in a lot of fun from the afternoon through the evening! We arrived at JD Hamel Park just in time to watch one of our favorite local bands, Twinkle and Rock Soul Radio. They were amazing as always and got the crowd pumped for what was to come. Shortly after the band’s set concluded, the parade began. After the parade, local Alana Sherman (top 24 on American Idol), sang the national anthem. As soon as the last note was vocalized, the fireworks began. The firework finale was incredible. My take away from this night was patriotism. This evening there was so much pride and love for this country witnessed by all who attended; it seemed stronger this year than in previous years. All in all this was another amazing weekend for the books. Everyone should experience 4th of July in Sarasota!