About Me

Hi! I’m Michelle Keyvani, I can best be described by my zodiac sign, the Gemini. A Gemini is someone who is curious, a social butterfly, loves the heat and electricity of summer, a pioneer, down for trying something new, the sign of communication, and most importantly loves to have fun!

My husband and I and our 2 children visited Sarasota several years ago for vacation. I instantly fell in love with the area. Upon my return North I began devising a way to get back to Sarasota permanently. After a lot of moving parts, it finally came together and here we are coming up on 5 years. Sarasota feeds my curious soul with its endless list of activities. Its amazing weather allows ample opportunities for outdoor explorations. Enabling me to communicate my findings with you!

How did this become my life ?

This website has been a long time coming. By day I am a biomedical writer researching and writing on a technical level. I am not a professional photographer, nor am I a professional videographer. It is just me out and about with my iPhone enjoying life and sharing it. There will be no editing or photoshop done to any picture or video. You will see it exactly as I have. To know me is to know how much I love seeking out fun; where to go, planning it, sharing it and helping people learn something new. I want you to feel like you’ve experienced it with me.

Act as if what we do makes a difference. It does.

William James

So how will we explore together? How will this work? Each week I will create a blog post of somewhere or something new I discovered. Although I have been here 5 years I’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of all this area has to offer. I will also provide weekly events, and some feel good products. Lastly, please feel free to message me on my facebook page Keys 2 Sarasota with any requests you would like explored and I will feature it in an upcoming post. Here are some things you can look forward to:

  Blog posts on area events, beach life, dining ,and more.

  Live videos at events, different beaches, and other outdoor explorations.

  Great feel good products.