Hart’s Landing – Rock the Park!

Hart’s Landing – Rock the Park!

For the past few weeks my husband and I and on occasion one or both of our children, have been ending our work weeks with a sunset stroll at the beach. It’s almost becoming a weekly requirement that we do this a couple times a week. Sometimes I’m tired and have to push myself to go, but I never regret it. It’s always the recharge I need and sets me right again. So this Friday night we found ourselves at Lido Beach and nature provided as always so much to take in. I took some really great photos and a video that I wanted to share with you however because I’m a newb at this, I filmed it sideways. Should you so desire, the video is up on my Facebook page. Just remember to tilt your head slightly and you can watch it just fine :). I’ll post my Facebook page’s link below.

During our time at Lido Beach, we walked to the elusive mermaid wall and back to our car. After, we drove over to Saint Armand’s Circle and lucked out finding a decent parking spot. We did our usual loop around stopping at Le Macaron for cappuccinos and to get our son a yummy treat.

BUT… it is really Saturday night that I want to talk about. This plan was perfect from start to finish. Perfect meaning, my husband and I got out of the house on time, found an amazing parking spot, and enjoyed a spectacular evening outdoors with the perfect weather. The Sarasota area offers a multitude of things to do on the weekends (see my “Events” tab, I usually load it with events Thursdays for the upcoming weekend). This night we had several choices of venues to choose from but we decided to take a chance and try a new one. We went to Hart’s Landing!!!

Hart’s Landing hosts live music events, I will post a link to their upcoming shows. This particular night they had a rock band, the Al Donadi Band. The singer had excellent vocals and they were instrumentally strong. I will upload a video tomorrow for you to hear their sound. The band members Al Donadi, Steve Duerst, and Travis Mckenzie, played cover songs and several originals. I highly recommend going to this venue and checking out the live music. It’s such a great location; you’re vibing to the music and looking out at the beautiful bay with downtown Sarasota in the background. All different types of boats and sizes are passing by, you have the beautiful Ringling Bridge over head, and views of the new Saprito Pier and gorgeous sunset behind you.

Some things you should know before you go, bring a lawn chair or blanket to sit on. If you can’t find parking at Hart’s Landing, park to the right of Marina Jack’s or anywhere in the Bayfront Park parking lot and walk over from there (it’s approximately a 7 minute walk). The music starts at 7pm and goes to 10pm. They offer beer and wine specials all night long as well as light food and snacks (no BYOB, however I did not see this strictly enforced). Also Hart’s Landing is kid and dog friendly; there is a park there for young children to play at.

To see upcoming entertainment at Hart’s Landing go to: https://gotonight.com/venues/venue/?id=12601 if you’re familiar with any of the upcoming artists or like a particular genre, I highly recommend checking them out at Hart’s Landing. When your husband looks over at you and thanks you for pushing to move here, you know it’s a good night! I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!!

Hart’s Landing is located at: 920 John Ringling Causeway, Sarasota, FL 34236

To view the sideways video of the sunset from Friday night at Lido Beach, visit my “Keys 2 Sarasota” Facebook Group at:

One last thing, as this weekend comes to a close, I hope all of the outstanding Moms had the opportunity to celebrate themselves and enjoy their special day. Happy Mother’s Day!!!