Live Music for Free!

Live Music for Free!

As my husband and I sat there Friday night listening to one of my favorite local bands, I thought to myself how lucky are we that we get to enjoy such incredible talent for free and not just this weekend, but regularly. You see, this weekend, Friday through Sunday, was our annual Sarasota Seafood and Music Festival. This festival is one not to be missed!

The Sarasota Seafood and Music Festival is held at JD Hamel Park located at the intersection of Main Street and South Gulfstream Avenue. The entire street is closed down for this and from end to end there is something for everyone. To one side of Main Street are the vendor tents where you can stroll and peruse items such as art, clothing, jewelry, tasty treats and more. The other side of Main Street offers something for every seafood lover and if you don’t like seafood there are meat and vegetarian options as well. Everything is cooked fresh onsite. There is also alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as well as tasty desserts.

Then there is the large stage akin to the size of any good outdoor concert. We chose to bring our own chairs as this wasn’t our first rodeo and we know how finding a seat at such an event could be scarce. We were able to scout out a spot that allowed us to see the stage in its entirety. We specifically showed up at the time of my favorite local band, Twinkle and Rock Soul Radio. I filmed them playing one of my favorite songs of theirs which I will load to my video tab for you to check out. Twinkle’s voice is amazing and her band super talented. I just love her and I think you will too.

It is not lost on me how lucky we are to have such talent and to be able to attend these events for free. One is able to enjoy live outdoor music every weekend if they so desired. From events such as these types of festivals, to places like Cafe in the Park, Hart’s Landing, and area restaurants and bars. Having come from New Jersey, an event like the Sarasota Seafood and Music Festival would have costed at least $100.00, this would have included parking and the event tickets. Now I’m sure some who attended this festival had to pay for one of the area’s parking garages but in my opinion the parking garages are very reasonable. However, we got very lucky and found a spot for free across the street in the Bayfront Park’s parking lot.

We could have attended all 3 days of the festival however being that there are so many choices, Saturday we opted for jazz music at another outdoor venue, Hart’s Landing. This is our third Saturday in a row that we’ve gone here; each week provided a different genre of music. The jazz band was The Ron Kraemer Trio. My dad played the sax so I particularly loved listening to their special guest saxophonist Pete Delisser. I went live while I was there for my Facebook group but if you missed it, I will load a video of them as well.

Some of the other venues we regularly check out for amazing free talent are Motorworks Brewing Company, Big Top Brewing Company, Van Wezel summer series on the lawn, and Stottlemeyer’s Smokehouse. In addition, most area restaurants and bars provide amazing entertainment as well. Simply stroll down Main Street downtown or Ocean Boulevard in Siestay Key Village and you will hear great music from the area’s many different establishments. Sometimes and when you least expect it, you will be surprised by the random talent you come across just strolling Saint Armand’s Circle, such as the 13 year old celloist Matrick Thorpe.

If you haven’t been to some or any of these places, I encourage you to check them out. I think like me you will be pleasantly surprised by the evening you get for little to no cost at all. I also encourage you to help support live free music by having some cash on hand and putting some in their tip jar.

If you enjoy seeing live music, check out my events tab every Thursday where you will find a nice selection of events to attend, as well as checking out my Facebook group. Take advantage of what we have here and enjoy!