Meet Mugsy

Meet Mugsy

A little over a week ago, July 7th to be exact, I brought home the sweetest little baby boy. Let me introduce to you Mugsy-Bear, a Yorkie-Chon weighing in at just 3.7 lbs and 10 weeks old. He’s mostly all black with just a patch of white on his chest and a few white hairs on his paws. His hair is silky with a beautiful wave. So why am I posting about my new puppy? Mugsy and me are going to help you know where to go in the Sarasota area with your best pet pal.

Through my Facebook group and other Facebook groups I belong to, I have seen an overwhelming amount of posts wondering about pet friendly options. What beaches are pet friendly? What restaurants allow your dog to come along? Mugsy and me will be doing a lot of exploring together. He’s a super social little guy and easily transportable. So get ready, because I will be sharing with you where you can go with your furbaby.

This past weekend, I tested the waters with my new baby to see how he would do. He explored with me like a champ and I had so much fun with him tagging along at my side. Friday night we enjoyed live music at Cafe in the Park. Cafe in the Park is pet friendly, so if you have a well-behaved pooch, definitely bring him along. Cafe in the Park has delicious choices of food to eat, desserts, snacks, and an assortment of wine and beer (see below for link). This particular night Renesito Avich performed live, if you haven’t seen him yet, you need to. Renesito embraces the sound of the Cuban Tres, he uses expressive resources of classical music, jazz, and world music and his stage presence is electric.

Mugsy enjoying Renesito at Cafe in the Park.

Saturday night we took Mugsy to dinner with us at Caragiulo’s Italian American Restaurant. We made our reservation for outside seating so we didn’t walk inside the restaurant with the puppy. In fact, he’s so dark and blends in with my bag that I’m not sure anyone knew he was even with us. We enjoyed a great meal and lively atmosphere and the night was made even sweeter having Mugsy by my side (see below for restaurant link).

Sunday we treated Mugsy to a trip to the pet supply store and rewarded him with lots of treats and toys for his amazing behavior over the weekend. We are always out and about exploring and Mugsy is proving to be a great addition to our family.

Mugsy after a long weekend of partying.

Here is a list of pet friendly options:

Most of the places that offer outside seating up Main, Palm, and Lemon in Downtown Sarasota won’t have an issue if you bring a small and well behaved dog with you. If there are more places out there, I will find them! Hopefully the list provided will give you a good start to enjoying yourself with your pooch by your side. Look forward to future blog posts where I will share my thoughts after I’ve visited a location with Mugsy!