The Know Women

The Know Women

Sarasota doesn’t just have beautiful beaches, it also has beautiful women. Beautiful women who are super smart, women that everyone must know and do business with. Have you heard of the “Know Women”? Up until this past Thursday, I had not, but now that I have, I want to be one. The Know Women are a collection of highly successful driven women. They collaborate and support one another as well as work to inspire and motivate the advancement for all women.

L-R: Jeanne Paulus, Yolanda Nash, me (Michelle Keyvani), and Lauren McComb.
Jeanne and Lauren, the KNOW Sarasota Ambassadors

This past Thursday, my friend Yolanda Nash, invited me to attend as her guest, the Know Women Sarasota come back party. Yolanda is the owner of 2 successful yoga studios (Hot Yoga 4 You) in NY and Sarasota and is a member of the Know Women. I accepted her invite just excited to get out with a friend, get dressed up pretty which is rare these days, and maybe meet some new friends. The party was held at the Music Compound which is a performance-based music school for all ages which was started by Jenny Townsend, another member of the Know Women. We entered the school and walked to the back room which was transformed into a space made for mixing and mingling. Before I knew it, the room had filled with so many incredibly talented women. It truly was overwhelming. Each table had a stack of magazines (Volume 1) in the center. As I sat for a minute to enjoy a quick bite, I scrolled through the magazine. Inside was filled with talented women from all backgrounds, walks of life, and levels of experience. They are the leading ladies of Sarasota making their mark through community service, entrepreneurial efforts, and networking opportunities. These women are from all industries; beauty, business, fashion, food and beverage, health & wellness, home & life, media, non-profit and more and many of which were right here next to me in this room.

The Know Women launched in 2017 initially in the Phoenix metro area by Founder and CEO Sarah Benken, who by the way I had the privilege of meeting and speaking with for a while at the party. Sarah is a remarkable woman who recognized the need to bring awareness to women making big strides in their industries. Born from this need is the KNOW book, featuring vision-led women in a glamorous and authentic style. Due to its popularity, the Know Women has expanded from its roots of Phoenix and aims to launch in every major city across the U.S. and Canada.

Sarah Benken, Founder and CEO of the Know Women. Motivational/commanding the room.

To be a part of this, to see these women honoring one another, creating friendships, supporting each other was really something incredible to witness. I was so happy to be there, and by the end of the night I had met many of these talented women and through the magazine, I can read about them and “know” how they are rocking their industry. Currently they are working on Volume 2, which I believe I overheard is due to come out in August. Could you be the next Know Woman? If you would like to learn more about the “Know Women”, check out this link: